• Illumina Next-Generation Sequencing Platforms

    Illumina's innovative next-generation sequencing (NGS) platforms deliver industry-leading data quality and accuracy, at an unparalleled scale. With flexible throughput and simple, streamlined workflows, our sequencing platforms are transforming the field of genomics.

    Illumina technology empowers more and more NGS users every day. NGS has transformed the genomics community to include clinical, agrigenomics, and forensic genomics researchers, and continues to enable advances in cancer genomics, microbiology, and genetic disease research.

    NGS Platforms with Proven Performance

    Illumina NGS platforms have been adopted by leading institutions around the world, both big and small, and are the production platform for all major genome centers. More bases have been sequenced using Illumina chemistry than all other next-generation sequencing platforms combined.

    Our track record of relentless innovation is evident in the number and breadth of research publications. Illumina NGS platforms enable the broadest suite of sequencing applications, including the first FDA-cleared NGS system for diagnostic applications.

    Illuminaʼs newly expanded sequencing platform portfolio will transform your research and enable new discoveries. Illumina systems deliver what you need, when you need it.

    Each platform delivers industry-leading data quality and performance, with flexible throughput and simple, streamlined workflows—for every kind of researcher, for every scale of study.

    Focused power.
    Speed and simplicity for targeted and small genome sequencing.
    NextSeq 500
    NextSeq 500
    Flexible power.
    Speed and simplicity for everyday genomics.
    HiSeq 2500
    HiSeq 2500
    Production power.
    Power and efficiency for large-scale genomics.
  • Simple, Fully Integrated Sequencing Solutions

    Fast NGS library preparation is a key elements of our integrated sequencing platform workflows. Illumina offers a broad suite of easy-to-use library preparation and enrichment products. The workflows enable sequencing of a variety of samples—including challenging, low-input and even FFPE samples.

    Illumina also offers a wide range of simple bioinformatics applications for data analysis, alignment, variant calling and more. Sequencing data can be instantly and securely transferred, stored, and analyzed in the BaseSpace genomics computing environment.

    Results are presented in intuitive, easy-to-interpret reports, enabling rapid identification of variants, and the ability to instantly share data with collaborators around the world.

    Illumina users can also access a rich ecosystem of third party tools for data analysis.

  • Next-Generation Sequencing Platform Innovation is in our DNA

    Illumina has pioneered major advances for NGS platforms in simplicity and flexibility – all while delivering industry-leading performance. Sequencing output has grown a thousand-fold, from less than 1 gigabase to over 1 terabase per run, while the number of reads has increased from millions to billions. Experiments that once required complex multi-box workflows now use single box, push-button sequencing. Illumina continues to lead the field in sequencing platform innovation and performance.

    Read the sequencing platform portfolio brochure (PDF) to learn more.

  • NGS platforms for every sample, every scale

    We’re making next-generation sequencing accessible. No matter your research focus or level of experience, Illumina has the sequencing platform that suits your needs.

    From sequencing small amplicon panels to thousands of human genomes, our NGS platforms support the broadest range of applications and sample sizes.

    Sample Sizes Supported by Illumina Sequencing Platforms
    Illumina's NGS platforms cover a broad range of applications across a wide range of sample sizes. Key applications and the estimated number of samples that can be completed in a single sequencing run are shown below.
    Key Area MiSeq
    Speed and simplicity for targeted and small genome sequencing.
    NextSeq 500
    Speed and simplicity for everyday genomics.
    HiSeq 2500
    Power and efficiency for large-scale genomics.
    DNA Sequencing
    Whole Genome - Large (e.g. Human) 1 - 1 1-10
    Whole Genome - Small (e.g. E. coli)2 1 - 96 120 -792 96 - 6660
    Targeted - Exome or large panels3 1 1 - 12 12 - 160
    Targeted - Small gene panels4 3 15 - 48 36 - 72
    RNA Sequencing
    RNA Profiling5 1 - 2 12 - 36 24 - 396
    Transcriptome Analysis6 - 3 - 10 8 - 96
    Small RNA Analysis7 1 - 5 25 - 80 60 - 792
    Targeted RNA8 384 384 6144
    Regulation Applications
    ChIP-Seq9 1 8 - 24 20 - 264
    Methylation Analysis10 - 1 1 - 10

    DNA sequencing applications based on 1) 30× coverage of a human genome, 2) 30× or greater coverage of a 5 Mb microbial genome, 3) 4 Gb per sample at 2×75 bp or 5 Gb at 2×100 read length, and 4) TruSight One Sequencing Panel. RNA sequencing applications based on 5) 10M reads per sample, 6) 40M reads per sample and 7) 5M reads per sample. 8) Based on TruSeq Indexing and up to 65 targets for MiSeq, 1041 targets for NextSeq, and 651 targets/lane for HiSeq 9) 15M reads per sample for identification of transcription factor binding and 10) 30× coverage.

  • Unparalleled Performance

    Every Illumina next-generation sequencing platform leverages our sequencing by synthesis (SBS) chemistry to deliver industry-leading data quality.

    This unmatched performance has made Illumina SBS technology the most widely adopted sequencing chemistry in the world.


    Illumina SBS chemistry offers the following quality and performance advantages:

    Unparalleled accuracy and coverage

    • Highest percentage of bases above quality score Q30
    • Fewest false positive and false negative base calls
    • Accurate sequencing of repetitive, homopolymer regions
    • Superior coverage uniformity

    Fully automated paired-end sequencing

    • Improves alignment and genome assembly
    • Enables accurate detection of structural variants, gene fusions and transcript isoforms

    Simplest workflow

    • Single instrument workflows with push button sequencing
    • Integrated sample prep and data analysis solutions
    • Fully automated cluster generation

    Choose the Illumina NGS platform that’s right for you.

    Focused power. Speed and simplicity for targeted and small genome sequencing.
    NextSeq 500
    Flexible power. Speed and simplicity for everyday genomics.
    HiSeq 2500
    Production power. Power and efficiency for large-scale genomics.
    Run mode N/A Mid Ouput High Output Rapid Run High Output
    Flow cells processed per run 1 1 1 1 or 2 1 or 2
    Output range 0.5 - 15 Gb 20 - 39 Gb 30 - 120 Gb 10 - 300 Gb 50 - 1000 Gb
    Run time 5 - 55 hours 15 - 26 hours 12 - 30 hours 7 - 60 hours < 1 day - 6 days
    Single-end reads per flow cell
    25 Million 130 Million 400 Million 300 Million 2 Billion
    Max read length 2 × 300 bp 2 × 150 bp 2 × 150 bp 2 × 250 bp 2 × 125 bp